Arche’s NIRICK loafer combines contemporary artisan style with Parisian comfort. The zip position on the heel allows for easy access, and the padded footbed adds to the dreamy vision of comfort seen in these shoes. Designed and made in France with 100% natural latex soles to provide added comfort and durability. Made from only the highest quality nubuck leather, the cut-out and perforated design allows your feet to breathe and obtain the ultimate foot climate.

How do I look after my arche shoes?

The manufacture of arche creations involves around one hundred skilled actions per shoe. Only two or three actions are necessary to keep them beautiful.

For nubucks

Arche nubucks have been carefully selected from European suppliers and are made from calf leather; the grain has been polished to achieve their soft feel and typical velvet finish.

  • If some nubucks have received waterproof treatment, we recommend that for most of them, you apply a water-proofing treatment yourself to maintain the quality of their finish. To do this, we recommend the regular application of a specific waterproofing spray.
  • To maintain their finish and remove dust, simply clean them gently with a soft brush (nylon bristles) or a more abrasive suede brush (use with care).
  • To deal with any superficial stains, it is best to gently clean with soapy water - preferably Marseilles soap - taking care to rinse the area you have cleaned with clean water. Once dry (in open-air and away from a source of heat), finish the cleaning process by brushing the nubuck, it will thus recover its distinctive finish.
  • We recommend the use of fine china clay for oily stains.
  • Be careful to never use shoe-wax on nubucks, this will damage their velvet finish.


arche generally have soles made from a soft material: Lactae Hevea®, Formula Natural®, latex or rubber.

  • The organic nature of soles made from pure hevea milk may sometimes lead to the apparition of white marks. Use a lint-free cloth with a bit of lemon juice or colourless vinegar to make these go away.
  • Use soapy water as indicated to clean all soles.
  • Please note, chemical solvents will deteriorate the material of the soles: we strongly suggest that you do not use them.

What do I do if the colour fades?

The colours used by arche each season are applied in dye baths during the tanning process resulting in a beautiful colour impregnated throughout the leather keeping their natural beauty. 

Surface treatments are avoided to maintain the beautiful nature of these unique skins. Their colour intensity and pliable nature is therefore ideal, especially with our nubucks with their unique finish.

This degree of quality may sometimes lead to a slight transfer to other items of clothing or the skin which may be amplified by the acidity of the skin or residual dust on the surface after the polishing of the grain of the nubuck skins. This is a simple transfer and is not serious. A little soap and water is usually enough to remove any such marks on the skin.

Avoid prolonged contact with water; humidity may increase any such transfer of the colours to clothing. Prolonged exposure to light-sources may fade the colour of the leather over time.

How durable is arche footwear?

arche footwear is developed to meet the highest quality standards, specifically those concerning the selection of raw materials.

All of arche creations are developed in their French creation studio which has been based in the Val de Loire region since 1968. The largest part of their creations are manufactured at the same site near to the city of Tours, a very small part of their collections are produced in other European workshops which they carefully supervise.


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